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Liz Mangles has been carving wooden animals for over 30 years, there have been rocking horses, hobby horses, carousel animals as well as a whole flock of upholstered sheep called Ewenique Furniture.  Her work is characterised by a lively carving style and a spirit of joy and vitality in all her animals.
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Ewenique Furniture now has its own website. 

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Liz trained for five years as a rocking horse maker, before moving to the more demanding field of fairground carving. She sculpts English lime wood with traditional tools to create her distinctive lively designs. A love of animals  gives her work a feeling of vitality and movement.

In 1989 she carved 24 large horses for a restored 1884 steam galloper. Since then she has carved many other fairground animals including reindeer, cockerels, sheep (one of which the Countess of Wessex owns), rabbits, dolphins, sea lions and hippocampi.  In 1998 she was featured on Channel 4's "Collector's Lot", making a camel for a stately home in Shropshire.

Since 2005 Liz has concentrated on developing the Ewenique Flock of her iconic sheep shaped footstools. This website gives a retrospective of Liz's work over the years as well as showcasing the Ewenique Sheep.

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Find out where to meet Liz and the Ewenique Furniture Flock by visiting the website.